What do other people think?

Ever wondered ‘where shall I take my kids to on a rainy day?’ or ‘what do my friend Jill thinks the best local playgrounds for kids are?’ or better yet, ‘where and what businesses should I absolutely avoid?’ Well, we have something for you.

We’ve been working on this and we thought to let you try it out. You get to create any types of list – criteria is you get to pick top 3 businesses and/or worst 3 businesses. You are free to pick the theme or the topic of the list.

For example:
– Best day care in New York, NY
– Worst playgrounds in my neighborhood
Best and worst happy hour places in Seattle, WA

The fun part is after you’ve created your list(s), you get to share with all of your friends via email! Compare with their lists, help them out with what they are looking for and maybe you’ll find answers to your questions.

Get started NOW:

1. Create an account with us if you haven’t done so (http://www.judysbook.com/join)
2. http://www.judysbook.com/ListIntro
3. Click on Create Now
Let us know how you like it, and how we can make it even better!


1 thought on “What do other people think?

  1. Amy A

    I like the lists feature…cuts to the chase.

    I would like to see an “upload” button for profile pictures…My page seems so blank right now 🙂


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