Featured Places from Judy’s Book

This week Judy’s Book sent congratulatory letters to an exclusive set of businesses that were selected by the Judy’s Book community to receive our Featured Places window decals. Sent only to the most favored businesses (only in Seattle area so far), as determined by the Judy’s Book community of reviewers, the letters included special window decals to help these businesses proudly announce their badge of honor to the world and to help passersby learn more about why these businesses are so great.

What kind of information about the business will users see?

Here are what the customers will see when they “snap” the barcode.  This list may change as we continue to improve and tweak as we hear feedback and come up with new creative ways to solve problems:

  • Basic business details and contact information
  • The business web site, and other useful information about the business
  • What are people saying about the business (menu recommendations, preferred products/services offered, etc.)
  • Discounts and promotions that the business is offering.  Perhaps if you enter now, you’ll get an entrée for free?
  • Information about complementary nearby businesses that might be a good next stop after visiting the current (Just had a great meal at this restaurant? How about a frozen yogurt at the stand around the corner?)

Why the window decal

Our window decal isn’t just another fish in the sea of window stickers (e.g. accepted credit cards, Chamber of Commerce awards, etc).  This sticker actually allows users to interact with it. Featuring the new 2D barcode technology, it can instantly be “read” via mobile devices.  This means that a mobile phone/PDA equipped with a built-in camera and special software can decode the contents of the barcode and take the passersby to a mobile page that displays Judy’s Book information about the business.

More about the 2D barcode technology

How businesses were selected as the Featured Places

While we can’t give away all our secrets about how these businesses were hand-picked by the Judy’s Book community, here are a few basic clues:

  • As with all things at Judy’s Book, Featured Places is about helping locals identify the most favored businesses, according to their fellow Judy’s Book fans. In short, the business has to be liked by its customers. (FYI, businesses are not limited to restaurants and bars – doctors, dentists, florists, real estate agents, and businesses in many other categories have been selected for this too.)
  • The Judy’s Book digital badge is displayed on the business Web site or blog.
  • Customers are actively talking about this business in online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, Judy’s Book.  Read up on ways you can enhance your business presence with us.
  • The business being searched for online by many people.  Looking for exposure?
  • The business upholds honest and ethical practices, even with simple things such as ensuring that the business name, address, and other contact information is accurate in its Judy’s Book profile.

In sum, the more buzz we pick up about a business, the more likely it is that it will be nominated to receive a Judy’s Book Featured Places window decal.  Our goal with the window decals  is to encourage consumer confidence in local businesses and help great businesses thrive.

Benefits to the businesses?

  • It’s a badge of honor that shows people favor your business.
  • Customers can get more information about your business before they enter, or perhaps while your store isn’t open (menus, pricing, specialties, reservation phone numbers)
  • Convert passersby to customers, by offering geo-targeted and real-time special deals.  Right in front of your door! and Near-by! Lot more effective than traditional advertisement.
  • Serve customers 24/7 regardless if during or outside of business hour.

Got the decals? Want this for your business? Email us.

How to get involved with the Judy’s Book Featured Places project

If your business isn’t located in the Seattle area but you want to get your city picked next, please contact us at advertising@judysbookteam.com. We are slowly expanding the list of eligible businesses as the Judy’s Book community buzzes about the best ones in different cities. We’d love to hear from you if you want to help get your community of businesses and customers involved.  Tell us why, though!  Be creative: Twitter us, Facebook us and/or just e-mail us.

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  1. Rupert@car window decals

    This post is genius and you have very well told why you are best. In some way, you have given tips that can be applied to other business marketing plans. Thanks for the tips.


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