About Judy’s Book

Judy’s Book is an online social search engine that helps consumers make decisions on the best and worst places.  With over 1 million unique visitors, it offers consumer-generated tips, in the form of ratings and advice, about the best and the worst of local restaurants, shops, home repairs, health services, and much more. Founded by two friends, Andy and Chris, Judy’s Book draws its name from  Andy’s mother-in-law, Judy, who was the inspiration for the site. Judy kept a little green book full of her favorite local businesses, which she shared with family and friends to help them find the best of everything. Chris and Andy created Judy’s Book to share her dedication to quality and value with consumers everywhere. As a result, Judy’s Book is a place where friends and neighbors can find and share their own secrets about local places.

If you are new to Judy’s Book, take a spin at http://www.judysbook.com and read up on what other Judy’s Bookers have said.

10 thoughts on “About Judy’s Book

  1. Bridget Bergeron

    What happened? I can’t find anyone or anything that even remotely looks like JB.
    Where are all our friend,quotes,questions,nothing here but my profile.

  2. AMPE

    If you are thinking of leaving an anonymous, negative review of a small business, please think again. These types of reviews hurt the local economy, produce more unemployment, and contribute to the overall downward spiral. The only way out of this deep recession is with positive, kind & compassionate growth.
    If a business has truly seriously wronged you: use the proper channels to seek justice. Speak directly and privately with the manager/owner.
    If you are not satisfied, you can opt to sue in small claims court for damages, file a report with the better business bureau, and/ or file a report with Angies List.
    Everyone is working hard to do the best they can through these troubled times. And, yes, sometimes sh*t does happen. Forgiveness and understanding will bring you more retrobution than nastiness and complaint.
    Appreciation is abundance, complaint is poverty.

    1. judysbookblog

      Thanks for the comments. We believe that issues are best resolved when both the merchant and the customer can see each other others points of view and put themselves in the others shoes. There’s also many studies that show that good and bad reviews have improved products and services and have raised the bar for the companies that serve us.

      1. Bruce Milne

        When a negative review is posted by an anonymous user and is not true and damages the business. What can be done?

      2. judysbookblog


        Thanks for the question. Judy’s Book Terms and Conditions address negative blatantly untrue reviews and we allow a reporting function on the review page to flag questionable reviews, where a real person interjects. Furthermore if the review is proven to be untrue and libelous, defamation, or slander and prove damages, you can submit a subpoena to Judy’s Book to identify the e-mail address of the reviewer and pursue legal action against them. I recommend against this. We recommend against this as it’s difficult, time and energy intensive. In most cases it’s best to flag the review and/or respond to it. Responding to reviews is a paid service on Judy’s Book for merchants but in certain cases we do allow a one time free response without requiring you to upgrade. Here’s a post on how to respond to reviews:



    2. Denise Rubinstein

      I couldn’t agree with you more. You stated “If a business has truly seriously wronged you: use the proper channels to seek justice. Speak directly and privately with the manager/owner,”
      As an owner of MGR Services, a small business that provides electrical and plumbing services in Hollywood Florida we can only help our customers if we are made aware that a problem or concern exists.
      Remember the small business is the backbone of our country.

  3. Dave Cassidy (Arte)

    I went to a seminar recently in the UK where the legal people presenting went into quite a lot of detail about how the issuing of anti competitive negative reviews is now becoming easier to track and has led to several prosecutions over here. There’s an old saying. If you like what we do; tell your friends! If you didn’t like what we did; tell us first. As business owners we can only improve when we know what the problems are from the customer’s point of view. You are right on the money Denise!


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