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We’ve started sending out first set of newsletters to our subscribers since Judy’s Book was launched few years ago.  For a limited time, when you write reviews, we’ll add a special badge to your profile to recognize you.

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Judy's Book - A Book of Local Secrets
Friends, Judy’s Book is back!Judy’s Book has gone through some major changes and now we are inviting you to take a first peek into the new website.

We have gone back to our roots and are committed to being a book of local secrets that helps you make decisions. All the best information on the web has been collected on this one site, so now there is no need for you to look elsewhere.

All that’s missing now is you! People value the opinions of their friends and so do we. That is why we invite you to come share your opinions on the local restaurants, shops, contractors, dentists and other businesses. We want your voice to be heard and will recognize you as a “Friend of Judy’s” on your profile.

Come check out the new features and start creating your own book of local secrets to share.

– Judy’s Book Team

Our email:
info@judysbookteam.comJudy’s Book © 2008 All rights reserved.



6 thoughts on “Friends of Judy

  1. Princess

    I admit, I was surprised by the re-invite in my email this morning, and had stopped coming here well over a year ago.

    Does the new site operate like the old in terms of rewards, too?

  2. Grandma of 4

    Your concept is good, but your info is VERY old. There are a number of stores that closed years ago…………
    I would rather see legitimate, FRESH info……….

  3. Amy A

    Is Judy’s book really back? Haven’t seen any emails, updates or new blogs from JB.
    What’s new? What’s happening?


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