Judy’s Book Reputation Management for Owners

A few months back we released some features to help business owners manage their online reputation on Judy’s Book.  It’s well known that reviews impact the bottom line and have been a great tool for consumers to get improved service, better products, and make superior decisions.   Judy’s Book merchants can stay on top of their reputation by getting tips for responding to reviews (both positive and negative), setup email alerts to get notified at the time a review is posted on Judy’s Book, and track user sentiment trends on their business.  Since we’ve rolled out the feature over 1000 listings have taken advantage of review alerts and over 90% of new merchants take advantage of this feature.


In the near future we’ll be adding the ability for owners to contact a user through Judy’s Book to resolve issues while keeping the consumers private information private, the ability for owners to pick a review to showcase at the top of the results, notification for reviews from partners, and much more, for a fraction of the cost of what reputation management firms charge.  To learn more about Judy’s Book Reputation management and much more for business owners, check out the owners page for more info.


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