Business Owners- Submitting Your Business Listing to Judy’s Book.

One of the questions we get often from business owners is how can I get my business on Judy’s Book without subscribing to a paid listing.  We did not want to block out places that consumers are interested in so we allow new listing to be created by a customer submitting a review.  This allows our consumers to give feedback and discover great places while allowing a business to list basic information (Name, Address, Phone, Web URL without the SEO benefit, and Google Street view) for free including their reviews from Judy’s Book and our partner sites.

If one of our upgrade options isn’t an option the way to get listed on Judy’s Book is to ask one of your customers to write a review, as part of the review submission process if you business is not listed we allow the consumer to add it.  We strongly discourage business owners or other non-customers from writing reviews, this can backfire on the businesses and if a review is identified as fake Judy’s Book will filter out or remove it.

If your business is new or you don’t want to ask customers to write a review,  our average paid subscription has been shown to pay for itself 4 times over through more customers, better targeting, conversion, and SEO value.  Find out more at


5 thoughts on “Business Owners- Submitting Your Business Listing to Judy’s Book.

  1. Drewry

    honestly, I always search for legitimate and unique ways to increase “search engine optimization” to my site, while increasing value and building a new web audience. I forgot how I found Judy’s book, but I know in my mind this site is very valuable not only in terms of [search engine optimization], but also networking with others, while writing reviews for this site. As of now, I am seeking in alternative way to a paid search listings on your site. Can you please inform me how to do so? I am very new to your site, and just learning the basics 🙂

    1. judysbookblog Post author

      Yes the way to get listed on Judy’s Book for free is to ask one of your satisfied customers to write a review. If a business is not on Judy’s Book the consumer will have the opportunity to add them during the review submission process. More info on this in our help section.

      The Judy’s Book Team.

  2. ucraft

    I think business listing is a good way to promote your business. Just make sure you fill in the relevant details and post. If you own a real estate site, then you need to write relevant posts to real estate. It’s not a good practice to post irrelevant things in a listing.


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