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Introducing Judy’s Book on Mobile

Let me introduce you to Aloqa: Always Be A Local.  Aloqa makes your phone really smart.  With Aloqa you can:

  • Just look at your phone at any time and get real time recommendations for great restaurants, live music, concerts, movies, nightlife, bargains and sales around you.  What you can do on Judy’s Book, now can be done on your mobile phone!
  • See Facebook friends close by – chat / invite them to meet
  • Have all this information sent to your phone no typing, no searching, no browsing required

Get Aloqa Now >>

To get Judy’s Book channel follow the steps:

1. Download the app

2. On the home screen, go to the bottom and select “Add channels”

3. Pick Judy’s Book channel, and voila!


Get Aloqa Now >>

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, See What Our Users Are Saying

“I hate 99.99% of all apps so far, but this one is actually really good, it finds EVERYTHING gas stations food it actually finds IMPORTANT stuff 5 stars!”

“Awesome app…always finds something for me to do”

“Cool. Alerts me of my facebook friends nearby. Works well even without GPS.”

“This is a really great app. My favorite yet. Highly customizable.”

“Very cool to be able to get a snapshot of everything recommended around me wherever i am without having to type or say anything”