Stake in the Sand: Judy’s Book Guiding Principles

To say that it’s been an interesting few years for businesses – large and small alike – is a massive understatement. Between corrupt banking practices and confusing business practices, it’s safe to say that no one’s really sure where anyone stands any longer in the business community at large. Which is why we at Judy’s Book thought it was high time we put our stake in the sand, so to speak, and let you know where we stand. And, most importantly, to give you more reasons to trust us.

We have a set of rules, or principles, by which we set the course of Judy’s Book. In other words, we don’t do anything that doesn’t reflect these principles. Why? Because we take community very seriously here. We recognize that everything we do – large and small – has ripple effects on our communities: customers, business partners, the Web community we host, and the broader Web community. In short, what we do affects people we care about, so we make sure that our actions reflect our values.  If you ever feel that they don’t, please don’t hesitate to let us know (

Some of these guiding principles are fundamental to the way we operate; others are based on what we have learned so far and may continue to develop as we learn more.

Without further ado, we give you the 15 Guiding Principles of Judy’s Book:

Guiding Principle #1: We treat each other (customers, partners, employees, shareholders) the way we would like to be treated.

Guiding Principle #2: We respect our employees’ decisions to value their family.

Guiding Principle #3: We demand ethical behavior of ourselves.

Guiding Principle #4: We share the fruits of our labor with our community, employees, partners, and shareholders.

Guiding Principle #5: We leave room for growth and change.

Guiding Principle #6: We are committed to delivering results from the resources with which we have been entrusted.

Guiding Principle #7: We are good stewards with what we’ve been given, and do the best job we can.

Guiding Principle #8: We focus on serving our customers and enriching their lives.

Guiding Principle #9: We lead by example, by serving one another, customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Guiding Principle #10: Our revenue is a by-product of delivering tangible values and benefits.

Guiding Principle #11: We use creativity, technology, and systems to run a lean and effective company.

Guiding Principle #12: We take risks, we innovate, and we move with purposeful steps.  We are in it for the long haul.

Guiding Principle #13: We foster honesty and trust within and without our company.

Guiding Principle #14: We are lifelong students who pass on our knowledge to others in order to benefit their lives, businesses, and communities.

Guiding Principle #15: We humbly admit our mistakes and implement changes quickly in order to correct the mistakes.


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