The Most Kid Friendly Wineries in Washington State

Washington State is world renowned for its wines.  One difference between the Northwest and many other areas in the US is that WA tends to have a more relaxed family atmosphere when it comes to wine tasting.   Bringing the kids to a winery can be a fun event for all.  Here’s our top Wineries that are also kid friendly in WA State.

  1. Chateau Ste Michelle Winery (KidScore 85)  Chateau St. Michelle Winery is an adult heaven. But it’s also kid friendly enough to keep the kids entertained for a few hours. The main appeal is the grounds and park atmosphere. Children can feed ducks; view the gardens, giant barrel, and sculptures. Picnicking on a sunny day is a must.
Chateau Ste Michelle Winery Kid Friendly


  1. Patterson Cellars (KidScore 68) Patterson offers excellent wine from several WA vineyards. Kid friendly staff and nice outdoor seating with a cool rock fountain. There is a play field next door and plenty of parking. The best kid friendly attribute of Patterson is The Station Pizzeria.
Patterson Cellars Outdoor Tasting Area Next To Station Pizzaria

Patterson Cellars Outdoor Tasting Area Next To Station Pizzaria

  1. Cave B Estate Winery (KidScore 88)  Cave B is in a spectacular location with great views, hiking, and exploring with kids. The Tendrils Restaurant has a delicious variety of Northwest fare and a healthy kids menu and high chairs. For families the best option is to explore the local desert trails, wild horses monument, pool, and beach by the nearby Columbia River.
Cave B Winery and Columbia River Sunset

Cave B Winery

  1.  Bonair Winery and Vineyards (KidScore 78) Bonair is a kid friendly winery with welcoming staff.  Children can feed the ducks, pet the friendly dog or play with the collection of toys in the corner of their tasting room.
  2. Northstar Winery (KidScore 78): Sip some of the best Washington Merlot, including winery-only releases, while your kids read a book in the tasting room’s living room-style facilities or play in the lawn outside. (1736 J.B. George Road, Walla Walla’s Southside)
  3. Vin Du Lac of Chelan Winery (KidScore 75) Vin Du Lac is a good option for wine loving parents who want to go wine tasting and enjoy good food with the kids. The grounds, tasting room, bistro are kid and parent friendly. They have a nice selection of healthy items on the kids menu and lots of space for kids to be kids.
Family Friendly Vin Du Lac Winery & Bistro in Chelan

Vin Du Lac Winery & Bistro in Chelan

Here’s some tips for families with kids at wineries, even the kid friendly ones:

  • Children should remain attended at all times, especially inside.
  • Remind them to use their indoor voices.
  • Bring a juice packet or bottle they can sip from.  A good option is Apple or Cranberry Juice with a plastic cup so they don’t feel left out when mom and dad are tasting.
  • Bring snacks, books, and a few small toys.
  • Remember to select an adult designated driver or limit your alcohol consumption to a responsible and legal level.

Got a family friendly winery you’d like to recommend?  Let us know by writing a review at KidScore.


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