Pinterest with Local business

Pinterest is a theme based photo sharing website. It allows users to create and share certain theme based photo collection. Since its launch, Pinterest has created a buzz in the social marketing world. Marketers are even predicting that Pinterest tends to generate more traffic leads as compared to other sites such as Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. It is the hottest social networking site available on the internet world today. Pinterest doesn’t have any brand pages for business and you need to have an invitation to create an account. As for now this site does not have an open ‘sign-up’ process.

Pinterest works on the simple principle of image sharing; where users can create boards of their choice. They can follow each other based on their interest and the pictures are shown as a pin board sized theme. Brands and companies can effectively use this social platform for their advantage. Here are some proven ways to increase your click through rate for your business:

1. Like any other social networking site, you need to spend ample amount of time on Pinterest, before your followers list starts blooming. You will have to spend time among your potential customers, know their interest, likes before they notice your products. Use the various features of Pinterest like “pins” and “like” bottoms to your advantage; such as to improve your relation with your clients.

2. Try to keep everything simple. Pinterest is social platform which is easy to access and has a user friendly structure. Users have different boards where they can pin their photos of different sizes or may be of same size. So the main thrust point here is to create boards that are elegant, clean and easily accessible. Add a link back to your site with every picture, to increase the audience for your business.

3. Post theme pins on day to day basis to promote your brand. The main aim should be to create a catchy one liner that can attract your customers instantly or get re-pinned. The more your photos get re-pinned the better are your chances of getting acknowledged.

4. Share such content related pictures which your customers will love. When you are building strategies to brand your business on Pinterest, walk in the shoes of your customers. Work on what interests your customers and then advance further. Like if you have a business of selling cakes then you should be focused on posting digital images related to cakes, enticing them to your business.

5. Brands and business personal can host several contests to create a buzz among their customers. Organize an event such as to create best photos, regarding a particular board. Contests can be anything like “creating the best board” or “getting the most re-pins”. This will not only increase your potential customer’s lists but you will also get to know about their interests.

6. Pinterest is a new social platform so it may happen that you may not get a bunch of customers initially to draw the attention. In that case you may use the other social platform to feed into Pinterest. Install a “Pin it” button on your site, blog, or ensure you have rich images on your third party listings, allowing your users to directly pin your content from the site. Here’s an example on Judy’s Book.

Pinterest on Judy's Book

Getting feeds from social networking sites that have been around for some time will increase your audience on Pinterest; they have a vast number of users and you can divert your traffic using these pre-existing social networks.
Pinterest has a tremendous potential for brands to interact with their audience and entice them into following their products. Use the power of digital images to create a buzz among your audience providing more social experience for them.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on expensive that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on mobile tv.


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