Is Amazon’s new price check app fair to local businesses?

Amazon recently released a new mobile app that pays users to snap a picture of an item’then buy on Amazon.   Amazon says this is transparent pricing.  Local retailers claim it’s unfair since many of them put time into staging the product, providing personalized customer service, and allowing the customer to touch and try out the product in the store (bicycles for example).  Local retailers also have to pay rent and other expenses which Amazon can get around.

Here’s the full story of the App:

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the fairness of this and what can local businesses do (calling out Amazon’s shipping rates, etc…)?  What if a local business setup a computer kiosk and became an Amazon affiliate?   The customer could buy the product in store and get it now or order from Amazon through the kiosk after trying it out and the store can get an affiliate commission?

Tell us what you think by replying to this thread.

The Judy’s Book Team.


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