The Sammamish Farmers Market: In Depth Review

Over on the Eastside, it’s easy to hop over to Redmond, Kirkland or even Bellevue to enjoy the gorgeous (and rare!) sunny weather. But living on the plateau, it’s hard to keep yourself entertained with the immediate surroundings. Sure there’s Pine Lake Park, the secret docks to Lake Washington near residential area (more deets soon!) but what then? You’ve already showed the family these spots and you’re feeling like it’s time for a change of scenery.

Thus I give you the Sammamish Farmer’s Market! On a warm, sunny day, this is the place to be. I strolled through, with a few vendors in mind, but to be honest I was more so focused on soaking up the sun.

(4/5 stars) Parking. This is the probably the most easily accessible farmers market within the greater Seattle area and I say that having gone to Broadway’s farmers market (review coming soon!) and taking 15+ minutes just to locate a street to park on. You can park either at the library, in the garage or even the church next door has a huge parking lot with a trail that leads straight to the market area.

(5/5 stars) Atmosphere. Very family-oriented and a great place for families’ with kids around the ages of 6-13 years old. Across from where the market is held is a skate park (to keep your boys busy), lots of lawn space for picnicking and even live entertainment. The Sammamish Farmers Market truly exudes family friendliness and caters to every person in your household.

(3/5 stars) Vendors. I must dedicate this to my best friend whose interpretation of farmers markets were made up completely with flower and vegetable vendors. He asked me, “How many of these vendors are actually filled with stuff that I would be interested in?” The first stop I always make to the Sammamish Farmers Market is George’s Bakery. It’s the one vendor I have to shoot for first because in five minutes, they can run out of your favorite pastry. In a quick note, George’s is a local based bakery in Issaquah that does everything from loaves of bread to cinnamon disks to the largest glazed doughnut I’ve ever seen.  My favorite? The slice of apple pie. I could literally write all day about how amazing their stuff is, but you’ll just have to go try it for yourself!

Other vendors include a few vegetable stalls, a local producer of honey, some homemade bath goods, freshly made kettle corn, lots more food and even some local seafood. These vendors come and go as they please but the market always has something new for the crowd. Just make sure to bring your own reusable bag to carry all your goodies back to the car! I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because yes, there’s quite a bit of variety but it’s fairly small in terms of location and total number of vendors.

All in all, I highly recommend the Sammamish Farmers Market for a family-fun activity! It’s a great place for you to pick up a snack, maybe ingredients for dinner all while entertaining the kids and catching up with neighbors and friends.

You can find the Sammamish Farmers Market at City Hall, right across from Skyline High School.

Sammamish City Hall
801 228th Ave SE
Sammamish, WA 98075

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