Press Release: Judy’s Book launches Helping small businesses unlock the marketing potential of social media

Seattle – Local business review site, Judy’s Book, announced on Friday the launch of their new product  This mobile product is the latest addition to their suite of offerings for small businesses that include enhanced listings with photos, video, SEO, and rapid syndication with all leading directories and search engines. provides self-serve creation of a mobile website along with a printable flyer which brings customers to the site via scanning a QR code. The mobile site links to all leading social media outlets and helps businesses gain followers on Facebook, Twitter as well as get more reviews on every leading review site, including Judy’s Book.  All in just 60 seconds!

“Our strategy is to act as a neutral aggregator on behalf of our small business clients.  We want to help increase all of their social media and online review presence,” said John Nelson, Business Development Director of Judy’s Book, which is based in Seattle, Wash. “What better place to solicit reviews and Facebook Likes than right in the business itself?  We want to become a verb meaning to scan an in-store QR code.  This initiative represents a bold new direction for Judy’s Book.”

Customers in a local store will see the display and be solicited to “ for an instant 10% off their purchase.”  The business owner gains fans and followers, and the consumer is rewarded with an instant rebate.  This tactic will help accelerate adoption by the public which has been a challenge in the mobile space.

“We want to ensure that the user experience is smooth and easy for small business owners to use,” said Mike Ma, Lead Developer of Judy’s Book.  “We have made this literally a 60-second process.  We serve local businesses by creating tools to help them navigate the often overwhelming social media and mobile world.” Features:

• Mobile site with hours of operation and links to Facebook, Twitter, Judy’s Book, and leading

review sites

• Flyer to post in the business itself; complete with QR code linking to mobile site

• Mobile loyalty “punch card” Benefits:

• Mobile website establishes mobile presence

• Flyer helps business grow “likes” on Facebook as well as gain “followers” on Twitter

• Business gets more reviews on Judy’s Book and other leading review sites, resulting in SEO


• “Punch card” rewards loyal customers without the hassle of keeping paper records


For more information, contact:

John Nelson at (206) 388-3760 or



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