Consumers are Talking about Your Business Online – Are you Participating in the Conversation?

Consumers are seeing and giving good opinions and bad about your business on local search and review sites, as well as the latest and great social media sites.  So are you participating in the conversation?  You can with a social search site that allows people to swap recommendations for local businesses and services.  For example, with Judy’s Book Business Accounts, we invite local businesses like you to say your piece and help instill trust and confidence in consumers before they even dial your number or map your location.

“This is just for the bigger guys” you say? You’d be surprised how many of your competitors are leveraging it.  To your surprise, it doesn’t cost as much as you think for the benefits you’ll receive.  Would you say it’d be a good investment if by getting involved, the very next customer walks through the door is result of your involvement, and that very customer’s life time value would pay for the cost over and over?

If 2010 is the year that you’d like to take your business to the next level, and see your dream business flourish, keep this tip in mind.  Stay tuned for more articles and tips on how to grow your business.


1 thought on “Consumers are Talking about Your Business Online – Are you Participating in the Conversation?

  1. SellAnyHome

    It is important to keep your consumers engaged. That is why it is necessary to provide unique content. If you are a real estate agent, and need to sell a home, you need to keep engaging content related to home buying and selling.


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