How to make your marketing chores IRRESISTIBLY fun!

video-game-controllerNot enough time, too difficult to learn, so many other things do to– these are all excuses for not getting your marketing done. You know your website needs some help, your customer email list could use some love, and you don’t have time for a proper Christmas card campaign. Yes, we’re only 10 weeks away.

Volkswagen has created the “Fun Theory“, showing how adding video game elements to daily chores can create massive change. Watch these 3 short videos– you won’t be disappointed:

Bottle Bank Arcade Machine

Piano Staircase

The World’s Deepest Bin

If video games are so addicting and pleasurable, even when you’re definitely not making money by playing, can we apply these same concepts to mundane tasks such as sending out greeting cards to clients, adding content regularly to our websites, getting listed in all the major web directories, and following up on patient emails?

Here are the elements to making work more fun:

  • Points: if you’re not keeping score, there’s no feedback loop. Awards points for various tasks.
  • Levels: as you achieve new levels, you “unlock” new things– think of a way you can reward yourself for completing items. Not technically savvy enough to build a game? Use a whiteboard and set rewards at different point levels.
  • Leaderboards: You should be keeping score against your other co-workers– games are meaningful when friends play and addictive when the scores are posted publicly. Then the ego is involved.
  • Randomization: Even simple games are fun when a bit of chance is added. Just look at Las Vegas. Consider winners being allowed to spin a wheel for a random prize versus just earning a prize. Or perhaps each day you do something (check your web stats), you’re allowed to roll the dice for a chance at ice cream. You have to roll higher than an 8 to earn the ice cream, for example.


How can you make your life more fun, while also creating incentives that move your business forward? Love to hear your thoughts!


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