Local Online Marketing

So you own a business selling products, offering services and work with customers in your city and neighboring cities – what’s your marketing strategy?

With you knowing or not, people are talking about your business on Judy’s Book and elsewhere.  We provide you a set of tools to not only have your business listed, but also to allow you to enhance your listing by adding coupons, images, URL (if you care about search engine ranking, this is a huge value) and responding to reviews.

Why do I want to respond to reviews, you ask?

Most of the review sites are one sided; they only allow users to voice out their opinions (good or bad).  How about you? Don’t you wish you could provide your side of the story for a bad experience a customer had?  Well, we do that.  By sign up to our merchant service you get to respond to every reviews you receive and we’ll monitor your reputation to make sure you are aware of how your business is doing.

To add credibility to your business, add our newly released badges to your site.  For example, below is the badge for Volterra, Seattle WA who made  this week’s Top 10 Seattle Restaurant.  There are plenty of badge designs to choose from.


Volterra Reviews

1. If your business isn’t on Judy’s Book yet, make sure to get it added.  Get Started >>

2. If your business is on Judy’s Book, make sure to get a badge.  Get a Badge >>


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