Rolling Average Windows

Ever thought about why everyone seems to show rating of a business with simply an average rating across all of the reviews? Perhaps that’s just how things are done.  But how useful is it really?  One, it doesn’t portray the clear picture for how good the business really is and will be for when you decide to go there.  Second, it’s not fair for a business to constantly have to pay for its mistakes that happened a long time ago and now have improved since then.

We thought about trying something new, why not display ratings like how the stock market does.  We’ll show you a rolling 60 day rolling average of the current business rating(when we have enough information).  We also left the traditional average ratings there to show you if the business has gotten better the last 60 days or gotten worse.


In the above example for Malay Satay Hut in Redmond, Wa the last 60 day rolling average is 4.3 where the overall average is 3.9.  So the customers are definitely more pleased with this restaurant over time.

Another benefit of this is to allow people to keep on coming back to write the most current review without feeling like they are spamming the business.  So, now every time someone goes to a place, regardless of whether they’ve rated this place before, they can rate it again.

We plot all of the activities the business has received on Judy’s Book in a stock market like trending chart.  You can see where things have changed and what people had to say about it.


We hope that you’ll enjoy this feature and find the data represented in a friendly way.  Click on the Feedback tab on the right side of your screen on any business page to let us know your ideas for how we can make Judy’s Book the best site for you.


3 thoughts on “Rolling Average Windows

    1. paperboy Post author

      Charlie, thanks for your comment! Read your article on the lies behind online ratings and reviews. Great points and feedback like these will help us to continue to innovate and deliver relevant information.

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