How to write a great review

We love to get recommendations from people we trust, when we need to decide where to go.  Here are some tips on how to write a good recommendation that is informative and helpful to the person who is reading it.

  1. Talk about the business, not about you – people wants to know what’s good about the business, what they didn’t do so well to meet your expectation and what constructive feedback for improvement.  If your experience during the visit wasn’t great, share about what didn’t go so well.  Perhaps the reader might not mind about that aspect of the business.
  2. Use clean language, spell check and proper cases – offensive language has no place on Judy’s Book community and people get turned off reading about it.  I’ve seen some reviews were purely written in all UPPER CASES LIKE THIS.  It’s very hard to read.
  3. Update often – people like to know most up to date information about the business practice.  If you go often, update people on how things are going.  Anything new to share?  Our system actually tracks the business ratings in rolling window so that a bad business doesn’t get punished by old ratings.  Similarly, good business that started to slide, can’t get by for long.  In order for this to work well, we need reviewers to update us on the most up to date information

Bottom line, we all know what recommendations in the past have helped us the most.  Let’s give recommendations in the same way that we want to read.  Let’s build a great community together!


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